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Puzzling puzzles 2012

This 20-photograph selection from the series Puzzling puzzles is part of the numerous photographs taken during a 3-month stay in New York in 2012 thanks to the HORS LES MURS PROGRAMME of the Paris FRENCH INSTITUTE. 

New York is the city of grid patterns, those of the streets and of the glass buildings with their unnumerable glazed rectangles that reflect the mosaics which face them. Distorted and diffracted lines, everything becomes abstraction.

While wandering in the city, I was fascinated by the architecture and the places I was crossing. The streets are metamorphosed under the artificial light which is gradually turned on when the night si coming. Space is full of a multitude of luminous squares that reflect one another, thus inducing a fragmentation that seems infinite: reflections of the reflections, pulverization and boundless mirrors.
The city seems to become undulatory or broken and the images split as they tip over, disappearing in this kaleidoscope of colours and transparency.

Clara Maïda, September 2012

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