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ECLAT Festival 2017

ECLAT festival 2017, THEATERHAUS, Stuttgart (DE).
German premiere of Web studies for violin, viola, harp, prepared piano, live electronics and interactive video.
Commissioned by RADIO FRANCE (Alla breve), ART ZOYD, the FRENCH MINISTRY OF CULTURE AND COMMUNICATION and 2E2M ensemble. Residency at ART ZOYD STUDIOS (realization of the MAX/MSP patch: Carl FAIA). Realization of the interactive video: Jenny E. SABIN (Cornell University, US).

General rehearsal of the concert on February 4, 2017. ECLAT festival, Stuttgart. 2E2M ensemble (conducted by Pierre ROULLIER). Technical processing: ECLAT festival.

Photos 1 to 6: 2E2M ensemble and Pierre ROULLIER. General rehearsal of the concert:Web studies 1 (Web-wake).
The interactive video is projected behind the musicians. The series of photographs gives an overview of  the development of the video in interaction with the music performed by the ensemble. 

Photos: © Clara Maïda, 2017.

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