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Big Apple's people 2012

This 19-photograph selection from the series Big Apple’s people is also part of the photographs taken in New York in 2012 (a 3-month stay thanks to the HORS LES MURS PROGRAMME of the Paris FRENCH INSTITUTE).

A whole motley population crosses New York's streets. I tried to catch daily situations and the political and socio-economic context they reveal here and there: alternative ways of being, poverty and social and economic injustice, times of expressed opposition or times of relaxation in the squares during summer, the various mixed communities in the city.

The first two photographs of the selection, Two Women in Black and A Fireman and a Policeman, received an Honorable Mention at WORLDWIDE PHOTOGRAPHY GALA AWARD 2012 (UK) in the category STREET PHOTOGRAPHY.

Clara Maïda, December 2012

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